As described in the Telegram Bot API, this is the manual procedure needed in order to get the necessary information.

  1. Create the Bot and get the Token

On a Telegram client open a chat with BotFather.

Send /newbot to BotFather and fill in all the needed information. The authentication token that is given will be needed in the next steps.

  1. Create the destination chat

Open a chat with your new Bot and send any message to it. The next step will not work unless you send a message to your bot first.

  1. Get the chatId

Open a browser and invoke<token>/getUpdates (where <token> is the authentication token previously obtained)

Look at the JSON result to find the value of id. That is the chatId. Note that if using a Telegram group chat, the group chatIds are prefixed with a dash that must be included in the config file. (e.g. bot1.chatId: -22334455)

  1. Test the bot

Open this URL in your web browser, replacing <token> with the authentication token and <chatId> with the chatId:<token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<chatId>&text=testing

Your Telegram-bot should send you a message with the text: testing